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If you're unemployed or in a low-paying job that you HATE, this book was written just for you. I used to be in that same situation and I got OUT! I struggled as a single mother for years! Although I worked, I was always broke before the end of the month.

I'd get a part-time job, which meant being tired ALL the time. Most days I was away from home and couldn't help my kids with their homework or take them to afterschool events. I felt guilty, frustrated, and miserable!

If this sounds like you, I want to help. I don't want anyone struggling the way I did. If your finances aren't where you want them to be, this information will help you. I share everything I did, step-by-step to increase my income. And I know you can do it too!

There is a song that I listen to almost every single day. It's called "Make It Happen" by Mariah Carey. I love this song and the message. Check it out when you can. It encouraged me when I felt like I couldn't make it. As you read or listen to this eBook and discover how I increased my income, that's what I want YOU to do...I want you to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

"If you believe in yourself enough

And know what you want

You're gonna make it happen"

This eBook is for people who:

  • Are unemployed and tired of not living their best life

  • Employed but don't earn enough to make ends meet

  • Are ready for a change but not sure what to do

  • Don't want to wait 5-6 years and are ready to change their life as soon as possible

This book teaches you how to:

  • STOP struggling.

  • Change your mindset. Get rid of limited thinking.

  • Refuse to take no for an answer.

  • Plan for your future and level-up your entire life.

  • Disconnect from toxic friends and behavior.

  • Create and stay focused on your goals until they manifest.

  • Build self-confidence.

  • Have a winning attitude.

See yourself living a whole new life!

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